It’s All About Rita

All development and support of the self-hosted version has now been discontinued
NOTICE: In April of 2022 the code in this repo will be deprecated and we will no longer offer support for it. For updated info on the future of the Ritabot-Project be sure to follow the ANNOUNCEMENTS channel in our Discord Server.

What is RITA and who are we?

RITA is the culmination of many things, it started with a mobile game, a community of gamers, a discord server of different languages and a desire to all be understood. She is a Real-Time Translator Bot for use on Discord, Self-hosted on Heroku (or a local install) and Completely 100% Free. She is maintained by a small group of users, each with different backgrounds and some learning as we go.

Why did you make Rita?

The mobile game itself would get old, fast. The community around it, however, is what kept us going. The one downside was we did not all speak the same language. The game we played translated our conversations for us, but Discord did not, so the server admins used a translation bot called C-3P0. This introduction is the start of the story.

The history of Rita?

There are loads of different translation bots out there, some are amazing, some are expensive, some are free but have limits, and others are just rubbish. C-3P0 checked all these boxes.
Originally called discord-translator and made by Aziz, then forked By NotMyself and renamed Louie, forked again By AlooAkbar and renamed C-3P0, its code was neglected, not maintained, left outdated and iterations made private for commercial gains.

Why RITA and what does it stand for?

I and a group of fellow C-3P0 users decided that collectively we could do better, plagued with crashes, API changes, relentless bugs and issues, the drive to make something better was born.
Rita’s history and various iterations each added something extra, it just needed to be brought together and molded, molded into something amazing, molded into Rita. The Real-Time Interchangeable Translating Assistant.
There you have it, the story, dramatized and electrified for effect, but all true, of how RITA was born.
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