Version Changes for 1.3.?-?

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Inital Release

### 1.3.9-0
Date: 23/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> various files
* Removed unneccessary eslint disables
* Moved some disables to next-line disables to not affect the whole file

>>> args.js
* Changed for..in to for..of and removed the eslint-disable

>>> join.js, event.js
* Removed the unused config parameter for guild join

>>> purge.js
* Commented unused `target` variable, made the function synchronous

>>> sub.js
* Backported the changes to addsub->subadd and removesub from development branch for manual dev-override subscriptions

>>> helpers.js
* Added `awaitMessage` function, was in translate.group_auto.js before, now used by that and sub.js

>>> translate.group_auto.js
* Removed unused `groupName` parameter from `listGroups` function

>> send.js
* Merged redundant webhook.send calls into one call (yes, I touched it again)

>>> translate.js
* Removed unused `guild` parameter from `bufferChains` function
* Changed `bufferChains` to use `translationHandler` too, instead of using Google Translate always

>>> deploy-interactions.js, slashcommand.js, slashcommands/../settings.js, slashcommands/../group.js, slashcommands/../translate.js, slashcommands/../check.js
* Added handler for slashcommands
* Changed deploy script to dynamically deploy commands that exist in slashcommands folder
* Added `/settings`, equivalent to `!tr settings` and its subcommands `reactpersist`, `menupersist`, `flagpersist` and `reset`, as well as `prefix` (ironic, I know), `bot2bot`, `embed`, `react`. Also has `/settings devreset` which accepts a serverId as option, but won`t be deployed globally, only to support server with needing Administrator permission per default to even appear and safeguarded as isDev internally.
* Added `/group`, equivalent to `!tr group` and all its subcommands
* Added `/check`, equivalent to `!tr check` and its subcommands, including a support-server only `/check server` command accepting a serverId as option, needing Administrator permission per default to even appear and safeguarded as isDev internally.
* Added `/translate` command, equivalent to `!tr this`
* These won't show unless deploy-interaction.js is run (which we shouldn't until we want to release them)

>>> message.js
* Fixed small bug not showing serverId of blacklisted server in redundancy check


### 1.3.9-1
Date: 24/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> misc.js
* Added response for `!tr taskfix` command

>>> eject.js, command.send.js, send.js, db.js
* Moved increment of server_obj values to `increaseServersCount()` function

>>> country.langs.js
* Removed `rm` from `ch` flag

>>> db.js
* Switched order of some db calls to make sure the values we use still exist when we use them
* Moved another server_obj update to a `updateServerObj()` call

>>> helpers.js
* Fixed `subExpired()` and `checkSubActive()` functions according tp dev branch

>>> send.js
* Merged embed send if/else into one, according to dev branch

>>> args.js
* Fixed usage of `subadd` instead of `addsub`


### 1.3.9-2
Date: 25/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> send.js
* use attachments collection directly instead of converting to array
* added some ?. for safety
* simplified servertags check

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