Version Changes for 1.3.?-?

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Inital Release

### 1.3.11-0
Date: 30/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> check.js (both /commands and /slashcommands)
* Added whitelist status and applications.commands scope to bot/server check
* Implemented `/check channel` and `!tr check channel` command

>>> pause.js
* Fixed display of paused servers

>>> auto.js
* Fixed ForumChannels translating although env var is not set

>>> db.js
* Fixed paused status getting set to false although subscription has a value of true

>>> interaction.reply.js
* Fixed usage of editReply if reply was deferred before

>>> send.js
* Commented logging of empty message errors because they're annoying atm and we know the reason

>>> slashcommands/settings.js
* Fixed usage of servers table from server_obj in `/settings show` command

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