These changes are not final, and feature may be added and removed before launch.
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Major Changes

  • Dependancy Updates
  • Node and NPM Updated
    • node is now V17.1.0
    • node version can be changed in package.json to any version above 16.2.0
    • npm is now V8.1.3
    • npm version can be any version above 7.20.3
    • DJS is version
  • CS same language now works
  • Join and leave logs can now be seperated from error logs with env variables DISCORD_ACTIVITY_WEBHOOK_ID & DISCORD_ACTIVITY_WEBHOOK_TOKEN
  • Task ID added to tasks Printout
  • Ignore same chan translation of GIF and images
  • Admin, Owner, Dev and Channel Manager variables are now stored in message object
  • Shard command has been updated to show each shard and its stat
  • Add top,gg stat tracker to RITA
  • Profanity filter has been added - BETA MODE
  • Reduced DB Calls by over 50% by using db.server_obj more
  • db.server_obj now stores
    db.server_obj[GuildId].servers[Values] - All values in the DB Servers Table at time of load are saved in the object db.server_obj[GuildId].stats[Values] - All values in the DB Stats Table at time of load are saved in the object

Bug Fixes

  • Local hosted users persist and react command fixed
  • Fixed invalid channel message
  • Various Permission Errors
  • Admin, Owner, Dev and Channel Manager variables are now stored in message object
  • Fixed translate for me command
  • Fix the UID of the emoji reaction error
  • Fix Kick Command Response
  • Fix code in bot.js, so that if there is no token it ignores the code
  • Stop emoji's from translating for auto same channel translations
  • Strip mentions from same channel translations
  • !tr auto to lang for me causes error

Command Changes

  • !tr updatelink has been added
  • !tr reactpersist has been added - Reaction will auto delete after 60 seconds
  • !tr flagpersist has been added - Flag emoji will be removed after 15 seconds
  • Task command updated, !tr tasks [#chan/me]
    • me will show any tasks for the user in any channel
    • #chan will target a single channel
  • !tr checkperms has ben replaced with !tr check
  • !tr stop task [id] has been added - Remove by ID is now possiable
  • !tr settings tags [all/everyone/none] has been added, this falls in line with discord.js (This setting only applies to embed off mode)
    • none - No tags are disabled, meaning @user, @everyone and @here will work
    • everyone - Attention tags are, meaning only @user will work
    • all - All tags are disabled, meaning @user, @everyone and @here will NOT work
  • !tr settings reset Will reset all settings to the default value.
  • !tr settings langDetect [on/off] Turns language detection footer on for translated messages
  • !tr settings updatedb [serverID] will update the database and object if the data is incorrect
  • !tr stop for server Will stop all translation task serverwide
  • !tr stop for server [serverID] Will stop all translation task of target Server serverwide
  • !tr settings profanity [off/replace/delete] has been added
    • off - profanity words are allowed. No actions taken
    • replace - Profanity words are replaced with random special characters
    • delete - message is deleted and not translated
  • !tr tasks [user/server/channel] {ID} has been added (Dev Only)
    • user - Will get all tasks for a targeted user from the DB
    • server - Will get all tasks for a targeted server from the DB
    • channel - Will get all tasks for a targeted channel from the DB
  • !tr cache - Will show the amount of data currently cached

Database Changes

  • data.message.server is built on every message event, Reducing the calls needed in send.js to db
  • db changes, the following columns have been added
    • reactpersist - manages the react persist variable
    • flagpersist - manages the flag persist variable
    • servername - stores a local copy of the server name
    • servertags - manages the server tags variable
    • badwords - profanity filter
    • menupersist - manages the menu persist variable
    • whitelisted - NOT IN USE, Yet!
    • langdetect - manages language detection footer variable
    • profanity - manages profanity filter variable
    • ownerid - Store the owner ID
    • char - Stores the Character ammount of Total Messages
    • messagecount - Counts number of messages sent
    • subscription - Stores the subscription boolean variable
    • subscriptionlevel - Stores the subscription level variable
    • subscriptiondate - Stores the subscription date variable
    • subscriptionlength - Stores the subscription length variable
    • subscriptionuser - Stores the subscription user
    • tasklimit - Stores the tasks limit fo the server

Misc. Changes

  • Help menu updated
  • Owner variable is now more reliable on messages
  • Language marker has been added to embed off and and on messages, this is controlled with !tr settings langdetect [on/off]
  • Error messages show Task ID
  • servertags and langdetect status added to the settings and check commands
  • Append Dev name to "Developer identity confirmed"
  • Dev Dependencies core to this bot, gulp-watch have been updated
  • Certain statement has been converted to try statements to allow for better error handling