Information about the 1.2.6 Update.

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Major Changes

  • Sharding is now automatic, this should auto scale to the needed amount.

  • A Major memory leak causing rita to restart every few hours has now been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • !tr announce on/off has been fixed.

  • !tr settings has been unrestricted.

  • !tr blacklist {ServerID} has been fixed.

  • !tr channel from {lang} to {lang} no longer defaults to a DM task.

Command Changes

  • !tr react on/off now turns on and off flag reactions.

Database Changes

  • Added in 3 new columns ready for auto-warn and eject management

    Servers will be allowed 10 Permission Errors Before a Warning

    Server will be given a Maximum of 3 Warning before they are Ejected

    If your server should be Ejected a second time it will be blacklisted

Misc. Changes

  • Sooooooo Many spelling mistakes corrected that it would be too many to list here.

  • Help Menu updated with new commands.

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