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The Owners

Artanis - CDO

I'm Artanis, the resident geek on the team. When I'm not procrastinating or playing video games (including Starcraft of course), I train and manage our Machine Learning API and models. I'm curious person at heart, and always love to learn about new things. I taught myself to code in Node as a 13 year old (at the beginning of Rita), and have since expanded to Python, Typescript, and some scripting languages such as AutoHotKey for some gaming side projects. I'll be the one to disappear into random projects only to leave them unfinished.

Jupiter - CCO

He looks sometimes like if he was not born in earth, but he's nice too

JShep89 - CHRO

The funny one (when he forget he's an HR 😄).

Always thinking about improvement of bot from user-ends, he will always listen to your feedbacks (even if he hates writing)

Zycore - CFO

The one who doesn't want to fill this section

He's shy but not that much.

Development & Core Staff

Z3US - Core Developer

My skills centre in IT and Telephony.

I have a focus on newer style technologies such as VoIP and Cloud Distributed SIP environments, however I also have a strong grounding in older Siemens Telephony systems (HighPath 3k, Realities).

My hobby happens to be coding, I focus on Powershell and NodeJS. Hence my possition here at RITABot. While I am still a beginner, I never stop learning new things.

I am proficient in Windows, MacOS and Linux, and have started learning Unix in the form of BSD. The main focus behind this is so that any task I take on, I am not limited by my knowledge of the Operating system involved.

I never shy away from a challenge and always find a way to improve.

Qjuh - Developer

I‘m Qjuh, I’m a teacher for maths and computer science and in my free time I’m a hobby programmer and mobile gamer What lead me to become a RITA user at first (for our multilingual mobile gaming discord) and then gradually getting more and more involved in its development. Well, here I am now and trying not to break too much while adding stuff here and there…

Brozer - Database Developer

At work, i'm a DBA on the development side who help dev teams (over 600 people) to modelize their data into RDBMS like PostgreSQL and Oracle. I also help them to build secured databases, evolutive with perf guarantees. As a support member, I also give them lessons on fundamentals like how to code properly in SQL ANSI, how to choose a database to fit their needs (relational Vs NoSQL) and how to improve their physical model in adequation with the datas they want to store in, even for huge storage / huge sollicitations.

Well, my skills are SQL ANSI, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, SQLite, Flyway (for CI/CD ), bash, .... (REDIS comming soon). And i'm confortable on Windows and Linux OS. I just have to improve my english 😄

My hobbies are mainly development, that's why i joined RITA Team for learning and helping on Node.js and Sequelize with my "DB skills" first. I also code for my home automation (bash, Lua, JSON, XML, SQLite, ...)

Trainer Paul - Senior Helper(Retired)

I have a long history of Dos, Windows, Database building, and Server building experience, but nothing compared to the combined knowledge of the Rita team. Why Trainer? I used to actually train employees, and a Electrical instructor of years past. I support the Rita team, users, and helping is one of my qualities. Thanks Rita team for closing the gap on communication for all members on Discord.

Support Staff

Community Helpers

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