Information about the 1.2.3 Update.

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Major Changes

  • Environment changes - MESSAGE_DEBUG - For servers that want to show debug message content to find out what pesky message is causing that error, set this to 1. By Default it is 0. Rita global bot is also 0 and will remain that way.

Bug Fixes

  • With the changes to the google-translate-api it dug up a load of new bugs, Lazarus & EDW have been hard at work fixing them, (DM Lazarus to say thank you, he will love it.)

  • @everyone & @here will now also be conveyed across channels correctly.

  • Emojis, roles and user pings will now function as intended. With a new system used to manage and correct them

Command Changes

  • !tr stats global / !tr stats server now show message based stats, take a look.

Database Changes

  • It working so were not going to touch it. (Well Zycore wont)

Misc Changes

  • Zycore broke something (alot of times) Zycore fixed it again.

  • All debug messages have been commented out in all files, This make the console log look so much cleaner.

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