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Hey everyone. 

So we have been running Ko-Fi and Patreon side by side now for 2 months we wanted to make sure we had a viable fallback if one should fail.
As it stands we have had no issues with Patreon but we have had with Ko-Fi. so we have taken the decision to phase out Ko-Fi.

From the end of this month we are going to disable all new subscriptions from Ko-Fi, this means new users will have to use patreon. 

Existing users subscriptions will not change and still be charged as they are at the moment. 

We would ask users to move over to patreon if you are able to. In the next week we will release a full blog post describing what this looks like and how to do this. 

We know there will be some overlap with subscription dates and this will have the answers how this will work. 

For now if you want to change over to patreon you can do so but please note patreon takes all payments on the 1st of each month. 

If you have any questions in the mean time please open a sub ticket from open-a-sub-ticket and we will try to answer them WHEN WE HAVE all available information. 

For clarification, no subscription will be cancelled if you are using Ko-Fi. It will still work. 

Thank you @Zycore - Finance Director

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