Version Changes for 1.3.?-?

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Inital Release

### 1.3.7-0
Date: 19/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> message.js, misc.js, settings.js, mod.js, sql_execute.js, stats.js, bot2bot.js, announce.js, debug.js, embed.js, prefix.js, purge.js, react.js, sub.js, translate.auto.js, translate.group_auto.js, translate.stop.js, translate.tasks.js, check.js, create.channel.js, help.js, invite.js, pause.js, command.send.js, dev.send.js, send.js
* Attached `isAdmin`, `isChanManager`, `isGlobalChanManager`, `isDev`, `isGuildOwner` and `isBotOwner` to `data` instead of the cached `data.message`
* Removed `data.message.sourceID` as it was only ever used as fallback in cases when `data.message.guild.id` would be defined anyway
* Removed `data.message.roleColor` as it wasn't used anywhere

>>> db.js, dbInit.js, dbModels,js, dbServersModel.js, dbStatsModel.js, dbSubscriptionsModel.js, dbTasksModel.js
* Split Sequelize Models for all tables into seperate files, as well as initialization

>>> db.js
* Fixed a few undefined variables

>>> args.js, translate.last.js, translate.react.js, translate.this.js, auto.js, translate.js
* Added some more `async/await` for even more helpful stacktraces

>> Error's
List error found in console, if any.


### 1.3.7-1
Date: 19/10/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> translate.js
* Fixed `catch` statement in `sendData` function

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