Information about the 1.2.5 Update.
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Major Changes

  • db.js has had a overhaul
  • Database has been migrated to a larger DB, We wont be needing to do that again for a good 5 years.

Bug Fixes

  • Color now working in Embed on and takes user role color.
  • Stop command for @user has now been fixed

Command Changes

  • Welcome message added for all new servers. System Channel is default, if not available it will pick first channel that has Write permissions.
  • Announcement command added, This is Restreicted to DEV ONLY.
  • Opt in and out commands added for announcements.
  • !tr settings persist [on/off] command has been added, this will prevent bot responses from being deleted.

Database Changes

  • Validation Checks added at startup to avoid Blacklist and Stats SQL Errors

Misc. Changes

  • New Debug Settings for console.
    • 0 - Error's Only
    • 1 - Console for all Messages
    • 2 - Console for Translate Messages only
    • 3 - Content of all Messages
    • 4 - Content of Translate Messages only
    • 5 - Commands Only
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