Group Translations

Groups channels using Automatic Channel Translation in a simple, easy-to-manage manner.
The group commands are interactive and require you to respond to any prompts correctly to function


  • !tr group create new channel group
    • Respond with new group name, number of channels that should be in group, and for each channel prompt respond with channel language and ping which channel to assign
  • !tr group link [GROUPNAME] link a new channel into group
    • Respond to prompts by pinging which channel to add and what language to assign to that channel
  • !tr group unlink [GROUPNAME] delete a channel from group, opposite of group link
  • !tr group delete [GROUPNAME] delete entirety of group
  • !tr group list list all groups present in guild


  • [GROUPNAME] refers to the group name you give to the group (can check groups with !tr group list)


Group Creation

Creating a group connects all the channels you assign to it interchangeably

Group List

Lists all groups in server
Linking a channel links in the channel to all channels in the group
Unlinking a channel does the opposite of linking a channel

Group Delete

Deletes all tasks associated with group


  • There is a max of 10 channels/languages per group
  • Groups cannot have repeats of languages or channels. All added channels and langs must be unique and not already in the group
  • Languages should be in their ISO-639-1 format, list can be found here
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