Version Changes for 1.3.?-?

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Inital Release

### 1.3.29-0
Date: 12/03/23
User: Artanis, Qjuh
> ----------
>>> Core BOT code
* Implimented ML Translation Engine Support
    > Each uer has a limit to the number of Google Characters they were able to use, Once a user reached this limit the following was performed
	If the user only had tasks that were supported and optimised by our ML Engine then their subscription was "Forced" to ML only
	Any further usage was utilised via ML and not Google API
	> Now once a used hits their Limit set by thier subscription, any translation will be performed via ML if the language is supported and optimised
	If the lanauge is not then it will continue to use Google API.
>>> events.js
* Fixed a bug with message deletion

>>> translate.js, message.js
* Errors are now console logged
* Fix edits for auto and embed on
* Fix zh-CN to zh in parsing

>>> FUNDING.yml
* Added Patreon link


### 1.3.29-1
Date: 13/03/23
User: Artanis, Qjuh
> ----------
>>> Env Files
* Update dependancies
    > discord.js               ^14.7.1  →  ^14.8.0

>>> Core BOT code
* Fix multiple same-channel translation - typing changes - fixed edit discord parsing


### 1.3.29-2
Date: 14/03/23
User: Artanis
> ----------
>>> send.js, message.js
* Fixed errors in webhook property and webhook mode

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