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Inital Release

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### 1.3.19-1
Date: 3/12/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> commands.js
* Added some perms in that were missing.

>>> misc.js, stats.js
* Fixed object when no active sub
* now shows bot value

>>> choose_server.js, sub.js
* now saves bot value

>>> check.js
* Fixed error with object missing table

>>> db.js
* Bot value is save in DB with sub

>>> events.js
* client.user.id now stored in config


### 1.3.19-2
Date: 8/12/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> translate.tasks.js, slashcommands/.../tasks.js
* Added `/tasks [channelId]` as global command needing ManageChannels permission per default
* Added `/tasks {server|channnel|me} [id]` as support guild only dev-commands needing Administrator permission per default (can be changed in server setttings->integration though)
* Added page number in footer of paginated embeds

>>> db.js
* Simplified getTasks() function used by `!tr tasks` and `/tasks` a bit

>>> slashcommands/.../translate.js, slashcommands/.../group.js, slashcommands/.../check.js
* Minor cleanup

>>> commands.js, permissions.js
* Added a dev-only command to list all commands and their needed permissions
* Added a `plaintext()` function in permissions.js to turn BitField into their readable names again

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