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Hey everyone,
Rita, as a service, is officially 1 year old today, Again, Sort of...

RITA was In testing for a month and then she went live to the public on 1st May 2022, but the idea and RITA we know and love was born on 12th July 2019

Since then this has changed massively, we have grown from 3 devs to over 10 development staff, we have a team of dedicated helpers and a loyal user base we are overwhelmed with.

At our peak, we had over 18k servers using RITA when she was free. And while we were saddened and dismayed when we could no longer support RITA being free (See our old post as to why), seeing RITA bounce back has been amazing.

We truly worked tirelessly to try and keep her free and when we had to start charging for RITA, I had a tiny part of me that had doubts we would succeed.

We have had our struggles but for the most part, it's been great. With an uptime of over 98% in the last 11 months of public usage, not 1 but 2 migrations to different hosts, the leap to purchasing our own hardware, development of our own ML engine and my never-ending ability to introduce bugs every time I touch the code, I am so happy we decided to take this journey. And it's all down to you. So again, thank you.

Don't worry, I know it sounds like the start of a break-up speech, but it's not.

We want to hear from you. What do you want us to work on next. What big thing do you think we are missing. What's that feature you are dying for us to implement (just be prepared for bugs) and yes, we are working on a dashboard. 

Let us know in #suggestions and vote for what you want to see in #suggestions-vote

We will try and complete as many as we can, so we want to know what you think. What are you waiting for... Suggest away.

Thank you
From everyone on the @Developer Team, and @Bot Helper, we are truly humbled. 
@Zycore - Finance Director

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