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The following explains new additions to our newest release of Rita (v.1.4.1) which will be released in the coming days/weeks

New soft limitations

As a result of growing usage and utilization of Rita, we've had to adopt new ways to provide our service to keep her cheap and affordable.  For months we've been developing neural machine translation capabilities to offset translation costs.

Each different tier has a max "google" limit, in which once you reach the "max" amount of characters respective to your tier, your translations will no longer use Google but use our ML server. 

Don't worry, all subscriptions shall continue to be unlimited.

Will accuracy be affected?

While we have worked and continue to work hard to make the difference between the two seamingless, there will always be issues.

Google will usually be more accurate, but with more utilized language pairs (such as en-ru) the difference shall be less significant.

Important changes to Privacy Policy

To improve Rita's translation ability, translation data will be collected. This data is completely anonymous and will never be able to be traced back to you. Only authorized admins/developers have access to this data.

Using this data, we will be able to increase our translation accuracy significantly for slang, less-used languages and many other things to make these changes seem even more seamless.
Currently it is not possible to opt-out of this data collection due to it being completely anonymous, but if this is a concern feel free to contact us and we will accommodate you the best we can.

How can I increase Google character limit?

You can increase your soft Google character limit by upgrading your tier of subscription on Patreon (suggested that Kofi users switch to Patreon). If you have any queries or requests feel free to open a ticket in our support server.

Issues with ML

We've had to push these changes in order to keep RITA a reality, so there are some issues she has while handling emoticons, lists, short sentences/phrases, slang, and profanity (in less-used languages) etc; This is being worked on and new systems are being devised to attend to these issues ASAP.

Soft limits

Google soft limits are as follows;
* Casual plan: ~200k characters every month
* Tinkerer plan: ~450k characters every month
* Pro plan: ~700k characters every month

Once/if you reach these limits, your translation provider will simply switch from Google to our ML server.

If you require a higher number of Google characters per month, please open a ticket to discuss a custom plan

Ex. You use 700k characters next month with the "Casual" plan (100 tasks) - 200k of that would use google, and the other 500k characters are translated with ML. Then on renewal date, the character count resets. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to open-a-ticket As always, thank you for using RitaBot and supporting us, - The RitaBot Team

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