Information about the 1.2.4 Update.

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Major Changes

Dev only Command handler has been added in to enable fast changes to command restrictions.

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of little things, nothing of consequence.

Command Changes

  • !tr history shows Development History of the bot.

  • !tr stats server [ServerID] shows stats for the targets server.

  • !tr blacklist [ServerID] Blacklists a server (Developers Only).

  • !tr unblacklist [ServerID] un-Blacklists a server (Developers Only).

  • !tr warn [ServerID] Warns a server (Developers Only).

  • !tr unwarn [ServerID] un-Warns a server (Developers Only).

  • !tr eject [ServerID] Removes RITA from the target server (Developers Only).

  • !tr check [ServerID] Checks Warn & Blacklist status of the given server.

  • !tr checkperms [bot/user] checks permissions of the bot and the user for RITA compatibility.

Database Changes

  • A new column has been added to manage blacklisting and Warning, backwards compatible to all previous versions.

Misc. Changes

  • Once again Zycore broke something (a lot of times) Zycore fixed it again.

  • Help muenus update with new commands.

  • Help menus has been reworked, Still a work in progress but they look much better now.

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