Information about the 1.2.2 Update.
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Major Changes

  • Rita now uses Discord.js V12.

Bug Fixes

  • Same channel translation is now working. You no longer need to have multiple channels set up, you can do it all in one channel.
    • Example !tr channel from english to spanish for #SameChannelMention Will translate any English messages to Spanish in your current channel
  • AUTO Translate is now working, you can define the "from" language as "AUTO" and it will detect the language for you.
    • Example !tr auto to lang for #channel So running !tr auto to en for #channel will auto translate anything not in English to English for that channel.
  • DM Translations have been fixed and enabled, thanks to Artanis and Brozer.
    • You can enable this by running the following command !tr channel to de from en for @user That will translate English messages to German for the user. Which they will receive in a DM.
  • Duplicate language translation bug is now fixed, meaning you can not translate English to English or French to French etc.
  • Various fixes to Nickname Bugs, this should now be working.
  • Desktop Client Gif keyboard caused error due to exclusive embed style.
  • google-translate-api has been changed to RCP to reduce and mitigate the load limiter.
  • We have found a way to speed up the translation process, so it should be a little snappier in future.

Command Changes

  • New commands added (debug, donate, prefix, help commands, create)
    debug Is for debug options. Examples below:
    • !tr debug on - turns on debugging, creates debugging channel and webhook
    • !tr debug off - turns off debugging
    • !tr stats debug - prints webhook "ID" and "Token" in channel
    donate - If you would like to donate to RITA you can find the info with this command. Since RITA bot is 100% free donations are greatly appreciated to help with server costs. Examples below:
    • !tr donate - Will return donation options
    • !tr donate github - You can Donate at Github Sponsors
    • !tr donate oc - You can Donate at Open Collective
    prefix - You can now change the prefix of your bot, you can make it whatever you want. Examples below:
    • !tr prefix - Will list your current prefix. Default prefix is !tr
    • !tr prefix $tr - your prefix would now be $tr instead of !tr
    • !tr prefix reset - resets your prefix back to !tr So if you changed the prefix to $tr you would run $tr prefix reset
    help commands - Shows a list of all available commands. Example below:
    • !tr help
    create - Allows you to use RITA to create a new channel. Example below:
    • !tr create bob - will create a new channel named bob
  • Command Changed (stats global, stats server)
    stats global - Stat tracking of messages sent in global servers. stats server - Stat tracking of messages sent in local server.
  • Command Removed (settings dbfix, cpu)
    settings dbfix - This is no longer needed as DB is repaired (If needed) on each startup. cpu - It was broken and I have no idea how to fix it.

Database Changes

  • As the new variables above are stored in the DB, we have made a few changes to how these are handled and they are auto-created upon load. Meaning you no longer need to worry about them again. (If you get any error's please let us know)

Misc Changes

  • Various Security vulnerabilities fixed.
  • Fixed various issues.
  • Major code changes
  • Dev Dependencies core to this bot, the google-translate-api & google-translate-token & gulp-watch have been updated
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