Version Changes for 1.3.?-?

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Inital Release

### 1.3.16-0
Date: 19/11/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> misc.js
* Added Flag and BITA tier to output of `!tr subcount`

>>> args.js
* Added allowedCommandsWhilePaused to list commands that are allowed to be used with paused subscriptions

>>> message.js
* Allow paused subscriptions to still use commands listed in args.js' allowedCommandsWhilePaused

>>> blacklist.js
* Added reason parameter to `!tr blacklist <serverId> <reason>` and write reason, date and executing user to the database
* Added ´!tr blacklist review <serverId>` to find out who blacklisted the server, when and why
* `!tr unblacklist <serverId>` also removes reason, date and executing user from db
* Added new BotDev permission check to blacklist and unblacklist


### 1.3.16-1
Date: 20/11/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> events.js, translate.react.js, send.js, translate.js
* Added some optional chaining, catch and default values as bugfixes


### 1.3.16-2
Date: 20/11/22
User: Qjuh
> ----------
>>> args.js, settings.js, bot.js
* Moved `cdebug, edebug, mdebug, mm, ownerdb, serverdb, updatedb` from `settings.js` to `bot.js` and by that to `!tr bot ...`

>>> help.js
* Fixed `!tr help dev` to show the new commands

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