Dev only commands
These commands are strictly restricted to the developers and Bot owners
If you need help at any point join our Discord Server and someone will help you.
  • !tr announce - Sends an announcement to the system channel of all servers the bot is currently in.
  • !tr eject [ServerID] - Ejects Rita from a designated server.
  • !tr blacklist [ServerID] - Blacklists a designated server from inviting Rita to the server.
  • !tr unblacklist [ServerID] - Unblacklists a designated server, allowing Rita to once again join the server.
  • !tr warn [ServerID] - Sends a warning that suspicious behaviour has been detected coming from a designated server to the system channel of that server.
  • !tr unwarn [ServerID] - Sends a message that the suspicious behaviour has been corrected and removes the server from the the warned server list.
  • !tr check [ServerID] - Allows the developers team to check Rita's settings, errors, and permissions to troubleshoot problems.
  • !tr settings updatedb - Updates the Database with all current data
    • no longer required, Rita now does this on her own.
  • !tr settings listservers - Prints a list of all servers that Rita is currently in.
  • !tr invite server [ServerID] - Creates a server invite to the designated Server.
    • This command will only be used if we receive a large number of errors from your server and we are unable to reach you via other means!!
  • !tr settings reset - Will reset all settings to the default values.
  • !tr stop for server or [ServerID] - Will stop all translations tasks server wide.


[ServerID] - Raw Server ID


!tr eject [ServerID] - Eject Rita from [ServerID]
!tr blacklist [ServerID] - [ServerID] Will be blacklisted
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