How to update
THis page walks you through how to update to the latest version of Ritabot.

Step 1 - Checklist

Step 2 - Fork this Repository

  • Complete a Pull Request from the master Branch of RitaBot-Project/RITA to your master branch
    • Detailed instructions with example can be found here:
— OR —
  • Simply Fork this repository if you have not done so already, or if you are updateing from the “Deploy to Heroku” method.
    • Click here or use the button in the upper righthand side of this page to fork the repository so that it will be associated with your Github account.

Step 3 - Deploy Update in Heroku

  • Log in to your Heroku account.
  • Select the bot you made in step 3 of Setting up a New Bot
  • Under Deployment Method Scroll down to the manual deploy section, and select the Master branch. Click deploy branch, and wait for the successfully deployed message.

Step 4 - Updating Database

  • You will need to run three commands for your database to be updated to the new versions needs. Your bot shall not function until all of these have been run.
  • Please run the following commands in consecutive order:
    • !tr settings updatedb
    • !tr settings dbfix
    • !tr embed on/off (you can decide which way to send messages and change this value at any time).
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